Conscious Consumption Communities.


Working hand in hand with your community to reach the sustainability goals that matter to you.

For 20 years VOICE Ireland has successfully campaigned on waste reduction and sustainability. Now we want to bring that expertise to communities across Ireland.

The Conscious Consumption Communities Programme is a tailored training programme for your community. The programme addresses the issues of responsible consumption and waste management. Helping your community to take the next step.   

The programme starts with activation, and proceeds with an action. The community activation workshop will highlight some successful waste reduction actions and campaigns. We then engage the audience to voice the issues that matter to them.  We will identify a specific action that addresses the needs of your community. From there we work with you to take that action, and support you to in reaching that goal.

Objectives of the programme:

1. Raise awareness about waste and sustainable consumption campaigns which communities can engage with.

2. Meet communities where they are at and support them in moving forward on their sustainability journey

3. Assist in planning sustainability journeys and support in achieving specified actions

Awards and Recognition

Green Awards 2019 - Winner - Green NGO of the Year
All Ireland Community and Council Awards 2019 - WINNER