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The No Home for Plastic auditing tool is now open to the public! 62% of households that have taken the audit so far were surprised by the amount of disposable plastic they used! Take our plastic use audit today through clicking on this link: 

No Home For Plastic is an EPA Research funded initiative to reduce plastic use in homes and schools across Ireland. The project works with individuals, households and schools to examine their plastic use, take part in a plastic use audit to monitor the plastic in their lives and make small changes to reduce their plastic footprint! 

The initiative uses citizen science to tackle plastic consumption in homes and schools across the country. Citizen science involves research projects in which the public are directly engaged, gathering data and collaborating with scientists to a common end goal. 

The end goal is reduce our plastic consumption! It is a topic we feel strongly about here in Voice, and there is a growing discontent with plastic to be heard across the country. The next step is to move from discontent with the status quo to action! The citizen science project will enable people to take this step to change their plastic consumption. Through the initiative households and schools will be guided through using a plastic use audit to monitor the plastic in their lives. They can then sign up to plastic pledges each month to reduce their plastic consumption step by step, and make manageable and sustainable changes within their own lives.

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This project was funded by EPA Research.

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